We’ll help your credit union marketing do more

Credit unions can’t waste their efforts. They must increase awareness and produce leads all with small budgets and limited resources. They have to maximize what resources they have.

Today, marketing agencies are so specialized they focus on just brand and performance, or just awareness and lead generation.

Credit unions need both.

REGROUP is here to help.

How we do it:

When budgets are limited, we take brand strategy and apply it to the bottom of the marketing funnel, where future members are waiting for a solution: your credit union.

Strategy Driven by Data

Everything we do is based on data. From utilizing consumer data to drive brand strategy, to applying predictive analytics to drive exponential results.

Real Time Optimization

We want your marketing to constantly improve so we actively optimize campaigns based on what’s working. Since we’re full-service, we’re media agnostic and experienced with using multiple channels. We’ll find what works best for you and maximize your results.

Brand + Performance Synergy

We look at marketing strategy holistically so we can adjust either brand or performance, depending on what’s needed, in real time. This 1 + 1 = 3 approach is the perfect blend that gives credit unions the results they need.

Stakeholder Alignment

We understand that credit unions have a unique business model that needs alignment and high-touch support. We’ll ensure you cater to all your audiences including members, future members, and local communities.

Don’t take it from us, take it from our work

During our years of credit union marketing, we’ve gotten our hands dirty with everything from financial education to credit repair services. We’ve seen it all, and we are here to support you.

DFCU Financial - The Cash Back Credit Union
Transforming a complex idea into a memorable and fun campaign with big results
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Try a Credit Union Gen Z Campaign
Speaking in “Gen Z” with a sassy campaign that kept it real and got Gen Z clicking to credit unions
DFCU Financial - The Cash Back Credit Union
Leveraging integrated media for exponential results
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DFCU poster
DFCU cash back video thumbnail
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What our clients say about working with us

Brands we’ve worked with:

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Gen Z celebrating


How do you connect with a Gen Z audience without sounding cheesy? How do you get the least financially educated generation to care about credit unions? Learn how to authentically market to your newest audience with our answers to these questions.

We’re an agency for good. No, really.

REGROUP is a B certified corporation

REGROUP is a certified B-Corp. This means our agency is committed to working with brands that make business a force for good.

Credit unions are a force for good, just like us. So we’re a natural match;
wouldn’t you agree?

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