Since 2003, REGROUP has tackled complex customer experience challenges right in the heart of Ann Arbor. A one-stop shop for clients large and small, our teams collaborate to re-align systems, processes and brand experiences around a unified and well-defined purpose. 

While small, our years of experience — in the worlds of franchise, healthcare and financial service — tell a different story. We know just what multifaceted organizations need to achieve long-term success. And, by designing and executing precise strategies, our clients can then promise a consistent experience at every customer touchpoint.

Our passion is simple: Find digitally responsible and innovative ways for businesses to pivot, so they can best position themselves for tomorrow. The growth and financial success of our clients is the ultimate measure of our work, and we let our results speak for themselves.

REGROUP is proud to be in the Midwest. We’re equal parts consultancy and agency; friendly soul and tenacious hard-worker.

Founding Story

Well before 2003, our fearless leaders embodied our core values. They championed kindness and responsibility, and instilled in businesses a belief in the impossible.

Founder Jan Muhleman set this tone, inspiring us to find strength in a willingness to regroup, reassess and reimagine new paths to success.


In 1974, while completing her master’s in Design Planning at The Ohio State University, Jan founded her own firm, Group 243, with then partner Robert Cotman, and, in 1975 moved the business to Ann Arbor to support a key client.

Facing serious challenges, Jan worked closely with the founder to get his franchise back on track. The brand was reinvented systemwide. Not one stone­­—the position and identity, marketing and advertising, store design and management systems—was left unturned. 

For the next 17 years, Jan and the team grew and expanded their talents, transforming that client’s $30 million business into a multi-billion-dollar organization.

Needless to say, their expertise in franchise and multi-unit retail marketing, and their collaborative, problem-solving approach worked.


But not only was Jan an expert at delivering a consistent customer experience. She built a competitive woman-owned business, too—one that equally championed careers and family. In 1983, Jan opened the first corporate-supported, on-site childcare facility in Michigan. This fostered a culture that valued hard work as much as it valued families.

Following a merge with a larger agency in 1991, Jan guided the team through years of exciting growth, positive and challenging corporate experiences, and, ultimately, the final pivot: their own agency.


In 2003, after a series of acquisitions, divestitures, and five parent companies (including agency giants Omnicom and WPP), Jan and 20 colleagues decided it was time to break ties and start fresh. Fortunately, their clients chose to join them.

They named the new company re:group. It was more than a name. It was a philosophy to inspire their work and their next chapter as an independent agency in an increasingly consolidated industry. Jan and the team repeatedly transformed themselves and their clients with a “we can do this” mindset and strong core values, or future-proofing, as we call it today.

We know first-hand the challenges of leading a business through change and transforming a brand. But, when done with kindness, respectful collaboration and relentless creativity, anything is possible.