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On the lookout? So is REGROUP, one of Metro Detroit’s Best and Brightest. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, nothing matters more than our team’s diverse backgrounds and perspectives—and we look forward to hearing yours.

Our mighty team is what makes us one of Metro Detroit’s Best and Brightest—and as an Equal Opportunity Employer, few things get us more excited than adding more voices to it. Looks like we’re both waiting for future openings, but please check back in soon.

Traffic Coordinator

REGROUP is hiring a Traffic Coordinator. The Traffic Coordinator (TC) is a liaison between our internal departments, and is responsible for coordinating the flow of projects from conception to completion.
Job Details

Integrated Media Planner-Buyer

The Integrated Media Planner-Buyer assists with the day-to-day stewardship and creation of integrated media plans. Helps to determine the most appropriate media mix to reach the client’s objectives, while placing media at the most efficient cost. This position also handles day-to-day account management related to media, and client requests as delegated by Integrated Media Director.
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