Pantone’s Colorful Reminder of Resilience and Hope

REGROUP "G" fresh
December 21, 2020
December 21, 2020

REGROUP branded materials

Around this time last year, Jan and our team reflected on what was one of REGROUP’s most transformational years yet. After a year-long team effort—one that bore our now beautifully broken-in G-Fresh, a fresh palette (more on that shortly), and refined values and intentions—we found ourselves both relieved and eager for more. As Jan put it then, “Our rebranding represents more the beginning of a new journey than it does the end. We hope you’re as excited for the ride as we are.”

Now, we didn’t quite expect the “ride” that we, our clients and partners found ourselves in this year. What we did find, however, is that despite all those towering road bumps that lay ahead—many now thankfully behind—we were ready.

Did all the work-from-home protocols and endless pandemic precautions have their i’s dotted and t’s crossed at the beginning? Well, of course not. Like our colleagues, we certainly had our fair share of hiccups along the way. But what we did have from the very start were equal-parts Midwestern grit and bright positivity, two things represented by our now year-old colors, yellow and gray.

The same (well, very close) two colors that Pantone just so happened to choose as their colors of 2021.

We will indulge ourselves for a minute and admit that we are pretty dang geeked to be ahead of the curve. Seeing Pantone’s color selection for 2021 be strikingly similar to our own is just plain fun for the team.

But this isn’t just some long-winded, braggadocious way of patting ourselves on the back. Pantone’s selection is, more importantly, a humbling, fitting reminder of how putting your shoulder to the wheel is just as important as keeping your chin up. “Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is the color combination that gives us resilience and hope,” as Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of The Pantone Color Institute said.

Such a balance in attitude and approach has been key to getting through 2020, which is why we’ve grown increasingly fond of our current color scheme which represents it. Arguably, and Pantone aside, our current look is more “us” than it was a year ago.

Ideally, a brand should age into its look and feel gracefully. Timelessness is a top consideration whenever we undertake a rebranding project, whether it’s for ourselves or a client. You don’t launch a new brand only to topple it over in favor of something trendy a year later. Classic, yet modern is always the goal.

Classic, yet modern is yellow and gray. Classic, yet modern is humankind’s ability to recognize the task ahead, facing it with bold tenacity and uplifting inspiration.

Perhaps we could’ve done without 2020’s sheer insanity, but transformational opportunities and the “Audacity of Hope”—to steal former President Obama’s second book title—are at the core of what we do. As we bid adieu to this year, we’re glad that yellow and gray, and all the beautiful and needed emotions that they imply, are here to stay.