Re: REGROUP – Our Year of Transformation

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Jan Muhleman
December 20, 2019
December 20, 2019

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A lot can change in 16 years. As we’ve added new clients and helped them grow, we have also grown. Bright newcomers have joined our industry vets—who’ve happily worked together for decades—adding new perspectives to our many offerings.

And a lot can change in just a year too—especially when we empower our agency’s newest members. I say “our” because we’ve always believed big success happens when you engage everyone in a business.

In 2018, we launched an internal committee aptly named, “What If.” Filled with new and familiar faces alike, we tasked the collaborative, cross-department team with the challenge of evaluating our brand’s every nook and cranny.  

The team’s conclusion? You guessed it. It was time for us to regroup.

It is really difficult for an agency to practice on themselves. It is hard to find the time to step back and look objectively at your own business. But, it provides an opportunity to re-examine who you are and how you present yourself.

We have always been about transformation. About finding what is valuable and polishing it or adding value to it. In our own case, our rebranding process confirmed the strength of our name, purpose and values—and, most importantly, a better way to express them.

“REGROUP” is just that.

REGROUP branded materials

Our “G-Fresh” captures our curiosity, and our courage to push that refresh button.

The bright yellow you now find illuminating our website and office is more than a fresh coat of paint, but a reminder to be kind and genuine. In an industry where being forthright is often confused with being a jerk, we treat our coworkers and clients like family and love the work that we do.

Tempering that bright spirit is a steel gray. Here, we’re proud, hardworking Midwesterners. We take responsibility for delivering promised results and celebrate mutual successes. Going above and beyond, however cliché, is our everyday reality. 

However, it’s not our new brand image that we’re most proud of. It’s our people. Their consistent ability to believe in the impossible and tackle new challenges that might seem out of reach for a small independent agency has sustained us and continues to power us forward.

Because, at the end of the day, REGROUP has never stayed in our lane. We’re not afraid to go up against the big dogs. We’ve reinvented household brands and launched new ones. Now, REGROUP’s soul is brighter than ever before. Our team more energized, steadfast and inspired as we enter a new year.

So here’s to shifting to the left lane. Our rebranding represents more the beginning of a new journey than it does the end. We hope you’re as excited for the ride as we are.