SafeHouse Center

Awareness Through Art and Collaboration

Using signs to show the signs of domestic violence.

Working with a non-profit to share something as serious as domestic violence signs required a multitude of considerations, like how to maximize their ad fund and reach thousands in an intentional way. Ultimately, by coordinating with another one of our clients, The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, we were able to use 30 bus route posts throughout the city. This brought maximum exposure to our plainspoken, clean campaign.

Safehouse - Know the Signs: Abuse sign
Safehouse - Know the Signs: Intimidation sign
Safehouse - Know the Signs: Jealousy sign
Safehouse - Know the Signs: Servitude sign

A timely affair.

Additionally, utilizing Ann Arbor’s annual art fair—which brings over half a million people downtown for a week—further solidified the campaign’s success. Calls for help and from those interested in supporting SafeHouse increased by 5% and 15% respectively.