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We Visualized an Invisible Enemy: Meet Rona

Stay Safe. Defeat Rona!

We visualized an invisible enemy: meet Rona

Even though, at the time, Michigan was ranked 3rd nationally for COVID-19 cases and deaths, public health and safety orders quickly sparked armed protests at our state capitol. We needed to convince the public that COVID-19 was more than just dangerous – it was deadly, and perhaps even more insidious due to high asymptomatic spread.

Headed Up North? Rona's Down

Working in conjunction with BLVD Detroit, we found a way. Rona.

Michiganders needed a common enemy in order to embrace behavior change and decrease the spread of Rona. Eight weeks of Rona messaging in multi-channel media across the state reached 95% of the targeted population, and 41% said the campaign reinforced or positively influenced their safety behaviors.

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