March of Dimes

An Emotional

Our challenge? Make those aware of an often unrecognized one.

Blindness, retardation and breathing problem are just a handful of the hurdles premature babies face. And that’s not accounting for the fact that prematurity itself is not addressed nearly enough. Spreading light on this critical issue while encouraging employers and their staffs to join in the annual WalkAmerica campaign meant really grabbing individuals’ attention.

March of Dimes - Eggs poster
March of Dimes - Walk Sign poster

Experiential marketing made accessible.

Coming face to face with such quick facts—while startling—build the kind of emotional connections necessary for fostering awareness.

Often the smallest reminders are the most deafening.

Our HELP preemie tee—each pinned with a promotional message for the WalkAmerica campaign not only drove awareness, but ultimately won us a National AIGA Award and was placed in the AIGA Permanent Collection in NYC.

March of Dimes - Help poster