DTE Energy

Displaying their corporate responsibility

A powerful community member.

DTE Energy not only powers homes and businesses—they power communities. As DTE creates a variety of technical and educational opportunities, all while being an environmental leader, we capture the future that DTE helps build here in Michigan.

Hat Trick.
With DTE’s Energy Waste Reduction group sponsoring the Detroit Red Wings, we have a big opportunity to encourage energy-saving behavior.

DTE Energy Creative Campaign - Score an Energy-Saving Hat Trick
DTE Energy Creative Campaign - We Make a Powerful Team

Foregoing the “corporate speak” of comparable ads, we approached the task of helping DTE’s HR team by emphasizing DTE as a Force for Good. The message conveys a sensible job choice as an inspired career decision.

Detroit Homecoming.
DTE helps provide educational opportunities for youth in technical skills and more. Designed for an event that reconnects Detroit expats with their hometown, this ad helps inspire them to make a positive impact, too.