DTE Energy

Acclaimed visual storytelling

Powerful goals deserve a powerful message.

Energy companies today face a unique challenge from consumers: to be both environmental stewards and community servants. DTE Energy is leading the charge, drastically increasing renewables here in Michigan, all while keeping energy affordable and reliable. But, building a healthy economy and environment, in turn, requires a message that resonates with consumers. That’s where we come in. Our campaigns have helped cement DTE’s status as a trailblazing player in the energy sector, positively affecting consumer opinions and satisfaction as they’ve run in major markets across Michigan.

DTE Energy Repairman on windmill
“We’re doing it.”

By telling the story of their innovative thinking and big goals
for the future, we’ve demonstrated to consumers that DTE is an environmental leader.


Reliable energy is integral to residences. That’s why DTE is focused on ensuring it’s cleaner, stronger and more affordable than ever—so residents can focus on those special moments at home.