DFCU Perks

Diverse launch deliverables for a new product

Introducing the account that does more.

Research showed consumers would pay for a checking account with benefits. So, DFCU created DFCUPerks and reached out to us for marketing the 400,000 local deals, travel protections and more that the new account offered. Crafting a strong, diverse integrated media plan, alongside a custom landing page, we not only steered interest toward the accounts, but offered a seamless way to explore the benefits.

DFCU Perks on laptop screen
DFCU Perks landing page
DFCU Perks Icon
Mobile App icon design
DFCU Perks on phone
Mobile Prototype

A mobile-driven account.
An intuitive mobile landing page.

Cohesive with the other campaign components, our mobile landing page efficiently displayed the perks of Perks.

DFCU Perks Print Ad
Teller cards increased awareness amongst in-branch customers

Testimonials drive home the message.

Utilizing member stories, our in-branch posters and other Perks print collateral demonstrate the many ways one could save.

DFCU Perks Buckslip
Mailer insert to highlight the benefits of the DFCU Perks account.
DFCU Perks poster
In-branch posters