These Womens’ History

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Rhonda Huie
SVP Creative Director
March 23, 2022
March 23, 2022

It’s Women’s History Month, and for just a few moments, we’d like to celebrate ours. Founded by women, REGROUP has, for the last 21 years, been making our own kind of history. Here’s to our long-standing crew.

Jan, armed with a background in design, has captained three of the most successful woman-owned businesses in Ann Arbor. Her sharp strategic mind, almost eerie insight, and depth of experience in multi-level marketing has led REGROUP to where it is today. Her loyalty to both clients and employees is legendary — not to mention her extensive involvement in industry groups and the community.

Karyn KozoThere’s Kozo, a woman beloved by clients and colleagues alike, who has for years put all others to shame when it comes to both her work ethic and her support and friendship. She’s shepherded millions of dollars of revenue through our history, and will continue to do so. Let’s just say that we’re all exceptionally glad she didn’t become a pharmacist.

Liz Conlin

Liz, Denison grad and resident cruise director, is always the first to step up where there is a need, whether it be for her friends, feline menagerie, or the community at large. An expert in all things healthcare related, she is a member of several boards, and deeply involved with the Washtenaw Health Initiative. No one knows more about the medical care industry than Liz.

Carey JerniganShe started out in print production (anyone remember keylines?) but Carey has worn many hats at REGROUP, from new business to HR, office manager to legal liaison. Need to know about trademarks & registration? Brand policing? The best place to get a frothy morning beverage? Ask Carey.

Now, just imagine how complicated it is to manage the money for an agency. Billing, media invoices, payroll, POs, budget reconciliation and absentminded creatives. Yet Cheryl gets it done, with aplomb, while always being there for her family. She goes about her work quietly – until you do something boneheaded.

It’s Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate those have made history, and those who keep making it, every day.

Rhonda Huie

Rhonda Huie has been the Creative Director at REGROUP since 2002. She’s a stickler for grammar, and hates improper usage of “impact.” She also has a stamp that says “Use a pun, go to jail.”