Hurray! REGROUP is a certified B CORP! (But, what’s in it for you?)

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Julie Kapnick
VP Operations
March 22, 2024
March 22, 2024

We are proud to be a B Corp.

It was a pretty lengthy, intense process to become a Certified Benefit Corporation, and we’re so proud to have achieved it. But, what does that mean, exactly, and how does it affect what we do, for ourselves and our clients? Let’s answer those questions, shall we?

What does the B stand for?

B stands for Benefit for all. The B Global Network mobilizes the B Corp movement to change our economic system to be of benefit locally and globally, from person to planet.

So, what is a B Corp?

In short, it’s a company that’s met some pretty high standards as being a force for good. Rated on Governance, Community, Workers, Environment, and Customers, REGROUP has committed to doing all we can to make the world a better place. It means REGROUP has been found to be ethical, transparent, accountable, and committed to doing well by doing good.

But what does all that mean, really?

It doesn’t mean we’re a nonprofit, a charity, or a bunch of heads-in-the-clouds dreamers. It does mean that we are part of a global community of businesses working collectively for economic system change. And that we must meet rising standards for social and environmental performance.

It also means that we value our coworkers’ physical and professional health. That we believe in environmental sustainability and stewardship, as well as the economic and social well-being of our communities, and support policies that are beneficial to both.

Perhaps most of all, it means that you can trust us to be professional, ethical, and responsible. And to be totally and – when we have to be, brutally – honest.

In practice

To believe that it’s possible to be successful and profitable, while still supporting good things in the world is…powerful.

And it fits right in with our values:

  1. Be Kind Not just in our interactions with each other but in our approach to business.
  2. Be Curious: Our B Corp certification challenges us to continually explore new ways to innovate and improve, ensuring that our business practices benefit all stakeholders.
  3. Be Responsible: B Corp certification reflects our commitment to ethical business practices and our responsibility to our community and the planet.
  4. Be Courageous: It requires courage to challenge the status quo and strive for a better way of doing business. At REGROUP, we embrace the challenge.
  5. Be Collaborative: B Corp certification connects us with a global community of like-minded businesses, which enables us to share ideas, learn from each other, and collectively drive positive outcomes.
  6. Believe in the Impossible: This certification aligns with our belief that, with determination and innovation, we can achieve the seemingly impossible: an economy that works for everyone.

Part of our overall value proposition is to do business in a way that benefits our company, our employees, and the world. And we want to help our clients do the same.

Through purpose-driven marketing, supporting policies for the greater good, choosing sustainable practices and processes, volunteerism, inclusivity, and putting people first, it really is possible to build stronger, healthier relationships, businesses, and communities.

And that is what’s in it – for all of us.

If you would like to learn more about our B-Corp journey, drop us a line!

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