Case of the Mondays

REGROUP "G" fresh
April 27, 2020
April 27, 2020

Ryan laughing at his desk

Oh, the classic “case of the Mondays.” That period of existential concern, pre-work panic and post-weekend lethargy that we all find—or found, rather—ourselves in from time to time. Kinda miss it, don’t you? At least going into the office and having a very firm start to the week.

Maybe your case of the Mondays is still alive and well, as you’ve found yourself in a good working-from-home groove. Maybe it’s turned into a “case of the ’days,” as we all collectively lose track of what day and week it is; all while being inundated with COVID-19 news.

*Looks at top right of the computer to make sure it is, in fact, Monday morning.* Okay, good.

For us at REGROUP, the “Sunday Scaries,” the “case of the Mondays,” the “work blues”—they’ve taken on a different, much more humbling and nostalgic form. Because, after weeks of not seeing and working with each other, witnessing daily the random REGROUPer quirks and regular eccentric happenings at the office, one thing is clear: Our agency has a lot of random things to be thankful for.

Such as:

  1. Donut and bagel days.
  2. Hearing Julie sing some prime early 2000s hits.
  3. The “lunch bunch.”
  4. Delicious RoosRoast coffee, delivered from right down the street.
  5. Turning on the account team palm tree when we need a little happy in our day.
  6. Walking in to see Venetia’s awesome smile.
  7. Snacks on the file cabinet. Like, a lot of snacks. (*Sheds a tear for pub mix.*)
  8. Asia in her UM snuggie… all…year…round.
  9. Liz feeding the birds and squirrels in front of the parking lot.
  10. Iced tea in the refrigerator.
  11. Emily’s farm-fresh eggs (the benefits of having farmers and gardeners at REGROUP!).
  12. Le Dog soup for lunch.
  13. The Happy Bubble!
  14. Grotto
  15. Sarah’s Dealer’s Choice breakfast. (Man, those biscuits and gravy from February…)
  16. Elliott and Ryan’s, uh, bro-banter?
  17. Tom asking me, “Who is it?” when I knock on his cube wall.
  18. Hearing, “Hi, Friend!” From Cheryl every morning.
  19. Rhonda asking me if I want anything from Starbucks, even though I always say no.
  20. Elliott’s anonymous and random quote list readings.
  21. Sending daily creative status off the rails in the first 5 minutes. (“One meeting please!”)
  22. Watching Elliott on his afternoon walks. (He has a very peculiar form.)
  23. Listening to Hatch imitate his friend JP.
  24. Getting smacked in the face by Stephen’s hot sauce du jour every morning.
  25. Asking Miles to move his car. Again.
  26. Emily’s meeting candy bowls. (*Tries to add up how much candy Emily eats*)
  27. Emily and Katie’s laughs.
  28. Hatch’s can-guitar sessions.
  29. Media team’s serious arsenal of gum.
  30. The smell of Liz’s maple oatmeal.
  31. Late afternoon back office hootenannies.
  32. Hearing Sarah, Emily and Cory’s bizarre, yet hilarious animal stories.
  33. Elliott saying, “That’s solid,” or, “That’s not cool.”

Although we already had quite a bit of gratitude before this crisis, you could certainly say REGROUP’s “case of the Mondays” has turned into a classic case of “distance makes the heart grows fonder.”

Here’s to appreciating our teams now more than ever.