Health Care

Michigan Medicine Poster


Collaboration is now a necessity to manage care, control costs and improve the health of patients and communities. Our experience with physician groups, hospital systems, health plans and other health care providers has given us a 360 degree perspective of how all can work together to be successful. That’s why re:group is the perfect partner to create a new future for health care clients.


Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with nearly every segment to understand health care consumers and what affects their health care decisions. For example, we have:

  • Identified the top 10 strategic imperatives to help a seven-hospital system unify its brand and increase marketing efficiency.
  • Helped a regional insurance plan understand the needs of newly eligible Medicaid patients and meet their enrollment goals for “Healthy Michigan”.
  • Sold in a national ad fund for a franchise in-home senior care company in order to reach adult children of seniors and grow revenue.
  • Created an integrated marketing plan for a regional insurance provider to differentiate the brand and generate leads from agents and groups.
  • Developed an international digital campaign for a life sciences company, targeting health care and medical research professionals.
  • Helped a major health system fill their outpatient facilities, increase calls to their referral lines and attract more patients to their specialty centers.
  • Helped nonprofit health care organizations reach underserved markets, raise funds and change unhealthy habits.
  • Developed a sales plan for a hospice provider to increase physician, social worker, assisted living and nursing referrals.


Thriving through the changing environment in health care requires collaboration, planning, innovation, communication and flawless execution by people who are passionate about health care. We are those people.

  • We have the resources to differentiate your brand and execute programs, online, offline or in-office.
  • We establish performance measures upfront and track, report and constantly adjust response behavior to achieve the best possible ROI.

There’s hardly a health care marketing challenge that we haven’t seen, so go ahead and give us a call. We’d love to hear yours.