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Aligning franchisees and engaging customers to grow franchise brands.

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Business format franchising has grown exponentially over the past decade, and continues to grow today. It is estimated that there are over 3,000 franchise brands, 750,000 outlets and $782 billion in economic output each year.

Although franchise brands are thought to be more resilient and competitive than independently owned small businesses, they are not immune to major economic recessions such as the one impacting the U.S. since 2008. Even today, franchises are still dealing with the aftereffects:

  • For the franchisee, increased competition for fewer consumer dollars leads to reduced prices and smaller profit margins.
  • For the franchisor, tight financial markets and an increased number of competitive franchise brands means fewer franchise sales, and more needs from the franchisees.
  • For both, reduced revenue streams invite spending cuts in critical areas such as marketing, just when they should be aggressively going after market share from weaker competitors.

Changes in technology have revolutionized communication opportunities for franchise systems both internally and externally. Using technology to connect, capture and analyze customer data can result in more effective marketing, better customer experiences and ultimately increased sales and loyalty. However, for older systems, it means spending money, hiring staff and convincing franchisees to adapt to change.

The good news is, a well-positioned franchise brand is better equipped to weather an economic storm than an independent one. By supporting the brand and embracing technology, franchisors and franchisees can grow revenue even in difficult times.


Helping franchisors and multi-unit retailers market their brands and grow their businesses is one of our key strengths. Our team has over 35 years of experience working with both established and emerging franchise brands. We have helped:

  • Grow small brands to category leaders.
  • Reinvent mature brands.
  • Create successful concepts.
  • Unify systems around a single brand proposition.

We understand that managing a franchise or multi-unit system requires a sound strategy, a well-designed brand and effective franchisee and consumer communications, and that’s what we help you develop. We are privileged to be your partner and work collaboratively with you and your franchisees to help you achieve your goals.

We have partnered with re:group for a few years now, and they’ve proven to be very strategic and analytical in their approach. They helped us navigate the choppy waters of implementing an Ad Fund, and it would have been extremely difficult without them working beside us on a day-to-day basis. Because of their experience, they fully understand franchising and the psyche of the franchisees. Better yet, they look for consumer insights, and have helped us develop campaigns to address consumer needs. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with re:group should you choose them as your agency, and I think you would have to look long and hard for an agency that will be more dedicated to the success of your system.

Pat Boyd, Vice President Marketing, Right at Home


When it comes to marketing a franchise brand, we’ve done it all. The key to our success is our collaborative approach that gets franchisees and key stakeholders engaged up front. We ask good questions, we listen and we build a strong case for our plans and recommendations. Then we deliver solutions such as:

  • Strategic marketing plans that are founded on in-depth market and customer analysis and corporate objectives.
  • Marketing systems, co-op and advisory committee formation and bylaws.
  • Brand positioning, design and development including brand standards, national and local advertising campaigns, websites, merchandising and local store marketing toolkits.
  • Centrally coordinated, locally delivered, integrated marketing programs including digital, traditional and social media solutions.
  • Digital presence optimization and management including natural and paid search.
  • Customer relationship and loyalty programs.
  • Franchisee recruitment materials and websites.

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