Financial Services

Differentiating and growing financial services brands in a rapidly changing and competitive environment.

Informational graphic on the growing use of mobile banking


The financial services industry has been in turmoil for the past five years. After the market downturn of ‘08, everything changed, including customers.

  • Loyalty to a single institution is long gone. Customers shop more and have multiple banking relationships. They are turning to smaller, local financial institutions like credit unions for loans and money management.
  • As regulation tightens, banks are losing traditional sources of revenue, like overdraft fees and high interest rates. They need new services to fill the gap.
  • Customer demand for online and mobile banking means that banks must add technology while continuing to service traditional bricks and mortar, stretching already thin margins. Marketing and CRM system needs compound the costs.

In what has become a commoditized market, it’s an either “stand out or sit down” mentality. More than ever, banks need a strong brand to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, both in retail and in small business commercial. The everyman’s “free checking account” just won’t do it anymore.


Fortunately, we can help. We’ve worked with many financial services clients in the past (and still do), and understand the challenges facing you today.

We’ve helped our clients:
  • Figure out what to do and create and implement a plan to do it.
  • Develop a simple, unified, differentiated brand position.
  • Create consumer campaigns that drive retail loans and deposits.
  • Generate leads for business, mortgage and wealth management.
  • Segment, profile and target most valuable customers and prospects.
  • Maximize current customer and center-of-influence relationships.
  • Implement programs to train and engage frontline staff.
  • Track consumer response and calculate the ROI of marketing initiatives.


Your job isn’t easy. Financial services companies are complex. There are multiple target audiences, delivery channels, products and services, independent internal business units, decision makers and usually a limited budget. Managing complexity requires an integrated approach. You need an agency that:

  • Has strong branding, multi-unit retail and business-to-business marketing experience.
  • Offers comprehensive services, including digital, traditional and social media.
  • Has worked within the regulated financial services environment.
  • Can help you build the case for marketing programs and budgets, then help prove how well they worked.
  • Will engage and align your internal teams to support the brand, protect and grow customer relationships and value, and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

So, where do we start? We start with our 5Ds process. Together we identify who you are, what you can own, how you can reach and sell yourself to customers you want. These days, you are who you are, not what you do.