G.J. Gardner.

About G.J. Gardner

After building over 20,000 homes worldwide, G.J. Gardner Homes has built a reputation as the new home builder you can completely trust. They are the number one homebuilder in New Zealand, number four in Australia and are now expanding in the United States with the ultimate objective of being the largest home builder in the World.

Today, there are currently over 110 G.J. Gardner Homes building franchises operating throughout Australia, New Zealand and America, supported by 8 Master Franchises.

What we did:

G.J. Gardner had an inconsistent visual presence that did not reflect the quality of its products. Trent Gardner approached re:group to create a marketing campaign to introduce G.J. Gardner as a high-end home builder in the United States. Based off of their branding report and their values and vision, we determined that the overall concepts of the campaign should focus on the customer and the emotional benefit that they feel when they’ve built their home with G.J. Gardner. This resulted in a campaign theme of “Creating Homes Not Houses.”


A fully-integrated creative campaign that demonstrated the quality and design of G.J. Gardner Homes. The creative included:

  • Site Flyers
  • Digital Banner Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Mobile Billboards
  • Truck/Trailer Wrap Design
  • Radio Ads
  • TV Concepts
  • Website
  • Corporate, Testimonial and Five Star (service) Brochures

Collateral materials, internal communications, brochures, campaign concept development, copywriting, advertising, digital files.