Our Client Services team serves as the first line of contact with our clients. They identify client needs and work strategically to provide thoughtful solutions with measurable results. As the connector between clients, partners, and the agency, everyone in Account Management is required to be hyper-adaptable and flexible, passionately selling through a campaign, mediating between different points of view, having tough conversations for the good of the relationship and work — and, of course, being a kind person people always want to have in the room. You will be expected to be the persuasive, resilient, and relentless force it takes to help great work get made.




VP, Client Services




Client Services




  • Satisfaction and retention of clients.
  • Performance of agency against identified client goals.
  • Budget management against project estimates and retainers.


  • Manage client and internal expectations around schedules, feedback, and next steps to drive projects forward.
  • Assist in social media efforts, such as development of content calendars, reporting, community management and scheduling posts.
  • Identify the root of a problem for our clients and bring forth opportunities to support their business.
  • Manage a wide variety of projects with cross-functional team collaboration, including branding, digital marketing, marketing and media plans, website development etc.
  • Organize and compellingly present information.
  • Oversee internal creative, digital and social media assignments to ensure they are on strategy and meet objectives.
  • Actively participate in managing creative reviews (internally and with clients).
  • Ensure seamless client/agency communications through regular team meetings; appropriate strategy documents/briefs; conference and status reports; monthly or quarterly performance reports; and annual client evaluations.
  • Work with clients regarding advertising and marketing programs.
  • Conduct industry or competitive research for clients or business prospects.
  • Process client projects, approve estimates and invoices, and handle requests through the REGROUP system.
  • Maintain project timelines and client status reports.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise internally or with the client.
  • Review materials and submit to the client for approval.


  • Client & team member satisfaction.
  • Client retention.
  • Organic revenue growth according to set targets.
  • Deliver flawless work on schedule, on-brand, and on budget.
  • Account profitability.



  • Bachelor’s degree


  • 2-3 years of experience in client services/account management in an advertising agency.


  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Excellent listening, presentation and writing skills
  • Ability to foster solid personal relationships
  • Process good judgment and decision-making skills
  • Confidence, self-starter
  • Proficient in MS Office and Keynote 
  • Familiarity with traditional and digital media channels
  • Experience with social media tools and channels as well as developing or assisting with social media content and campaigns


This position has the ability to work 80% of the time remotely. However, it is a job requirement to be physically in the office 20% of the time for scheduled client and internal meetings; therefore, any travel costs incurred to be physically present will be the sole responsibility of the team member to be onsite at 213 West Liberty, Ann Arbor MI 48104 or surrounding area.