Kara Rita

Image of Kara's prized possessions.

Associate Integrated Media Buyer/Planner

As the Associate Integrated Media Buyer/Planner , Kara is responsible for assisting the planners in preparation, development, and monitoring of media plans for assigned clients. She is a master of managing flowcharts, creating and maintaining insertion orders and media estimates, and reconciling invoices.

Kara’s experience comes from her time at Digital First Media where she worked as a support system for Advertising in the Sales division. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she brings a fresh outlook to re:group as well as adding diversity to our group of sports fans.

Kara graduated from DePaul University with a BA in Communications focusing on Advertising and Public Relations.

Hot Sauce Connoisseur

Just like her role in media, Kara likes to wear the many hats of hot sauce. From Sriracha to Cholula you can find some spiciness in almost anything she consumes.