Looking Forward

Every year we go through the same ritual. Sometime in October, we begin thinking about the coming new year. We evaluate our year-to-date performance, set new goals, develop strategies and draft our forecast and budget. Our clients try to do the same thing. However, we often find ourselves caught up in a last rush of projects to use up the budgets that will not carry over to the next year. The end of 2018 was no different. We were incredibly busy and thankful that our team could actually take their holiday break between Christmas and the new year.

Janet Muhleman

We ended 2018 profitably with dynamite new adds to staff and a great net promoter score from our clients. We are grateful and excited about both. As we enter 2019, we have our EOS plan in place and anticipate continued growth of our offer, our team and the great work we do on behalf of our clients. Of course, after more than 40 years of being in the brand marketing business, we know that nothing is ever certain and even the best laid plans can change. There is no place for complacency and no time to rest on the accomplishments of the past. Staying alert and ready to act on opportunities (or choosing to pivot) is a key part of long-term success.

The uncertainty of the future is actually part of the fun of being an independent business. Over the years, we have transformed and reinvented ourselves multiple times. Yes, it can be stressful, but change is also energizing. Transforming brands while aligning key stakeholders is something we are pretty good at (although it is harder to practice on ourselves than our clients). We are excited about what’s next – whatever that might be.

Janet Muhleman
re:group • President