Workology 5.0: Managing Projects Like No Other

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In October 2016, I attended the Workamajig Workology 5.0 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona to stay up on the changes taking place within Workamajig’s project management system. It was refreshing to network with so many professionals dealing with similar challenges and looking for better ways to manage clients. There, we had the collective opportunity to learn from industry leaders about the latest innovations in workflow, resource and process management.

3 Stages, 6 Keynotes and 12 Sessions
Front and center were presentations focused on operations, project management (PM), finance and data analytics that encouraged us to fine-tune our skills and provided us actionable steps to apply to our businesses.

Another large focus of the conference was Workamajig Platinum, the updated interface of the project management system that we use here at re:group. It was a unique experience for me to be able to talk directly with the developers of the program, who seemed to make real-time updates based on suggestions made by the attendees!

My favorite presenter was Vanessa Edwards, a former agency owner and now President of Creative Performance Inc. She spoke passionately about the following topics:

  • Building high-performance teams
  • Creating balanced client relationships
  • PM as a discipline
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Establishing and protecting a vibrant culture
  • Profit that drives opportunity
  • Sharing the wealth via profit share
  • Retaining key talent
  • Integrating and leveraging technology

There is a wealth of information in the presentations from Workamjig’s Workology 5.0 conference. If you’re interested in better understanding the efforts we make to manage projects, the presentations are a helpful reference.

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