Social Media Quarterly: Q2 2017 Recap

We’re officially halfway through the year already and, as usual, things in the social media world have been changing rapidly. That’s not all that’s been changing, though. Our Social Media Quarterly videos have some snazzy new animation that you should check out above! It’s pretty amazing how much the social media universe has moved towards video, isn’t it? Funnily enough, video developments aren’t what I have to share with you this time. Without further ado, let’s dive into our Social Media Quarterly: Q2 2017 edition!

Facebook Announces Facebook Spaces: Launched in beta for the Oculus Rift, Facebook Spaces allows you to connect with distant family and friends in a way that makes it seem like you were all in the same room. Pick an avatar, make virtual drawings, play videos or even call people outside of the space with video calling. Virtual reality is still finding its home in the social media arsenal, so we’re excited to see how Spaces is embraced. As someone who lives far away from his nuclear family, I’m genuinely excited about the potential for this innovative product.

Instagram Introduces Archive Feature: The feeling of looking through an old photo album can bring an odd mix of nostalgia, happiness and, sometimes, embarrassment. In order to discourage users from deleting old photographs that, in retrospect, they may feel they don’t want to share, Instagram created the new archive feature. This lets users take a photo and move it to a private gallery that only they can view. Minds can rest easy knowing that fond memories can be preserved without being broadcasted.

LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: Filling out an online form can be a pain, but it’s even worse when you need to do it on mobile. That’s why LinkedIn created LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. This new feature makes it easy to gather high-quality leads from Sponsored Content campaigns by allowing viewers to fill out forms using their existing LinkedIn profile information. This saves time and effort, and ensures that quality data will be used in the form entry. Since 80% of LinkedIn’s member engagement with Sponsored Content comes from mobile, this feature should have a huge impact.

Our Social Media Quarterly image.

Facebook Adds New Features to Groups: Facebook Groups have long been great resources for individuals. Groups allow local musicians to network, like-minded individuals to discuss specific topics and even allow local communities to set up yard sales and the exchange of goods and services. Now, the network is taking this feature a step further by enabling the interaction of business pages within a group.

Here’s an example: Before this feature, if I created a fan group for my band, I’d only be able to comment as myself. My band would be left out of the equation. Now, if my band had a Facebook page, I could create or link a group to the band page and comment as the collective band. Group admins will now also be able to view analytics for their group, which will help increase engagement and provide valuable insights. This opens up opportunities for many businesses, allowing them to network and even establish their own groups as extensions of their pages.

Snap Inc. Releases Snap Map: It’s a small world, and Snap Inc. just made it smaller by releasing Snap Map for Snapchat. When you enable this feature, you’ll be able to access a map that displays the locations of your Snapchat friends. To protect privacy, the default of this feature leaves you in “Ghost Mode,” which keeps you off the grid. Users can then choose to share their location with all friends or just a select few. The Snap Map will also show “heat” colors, which indicate areas of heavy snapping. This may indicate a popular public event, such as a concert.

And with that, we’ve completed this journey through the second quarter of 2017. Virtual reality, location maps — the world continues to shrink! If you enjoyed this article, please share it with the marketing and social media professionals that you know.

You can also subscribe to our RSS feed. We’re counting the days until we can join you again next as we explore the unexpected and exciting changes that are waiting on the horizon. Stand by for our Social Media Quarterly: Q3 2017 edition!

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