Social Media Quarterly: Q3 2017 Recap

Howdy there, partners! I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Michigan may be brutal in the winter, but our October may make up for it. If you’ve got a break between carving pumpkins, sipping on cider and going on hayrides, allow me to spook you with my wealth of social media knowledge. Presenting the Social Media Quarterly: Q3 2017 edition!

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Facebook Eliminates the Ability to Modify Link Previews: As we become more reliant on social media as our source for news, it’s becoming more and more important for platforms to reduce the amount of misinformation that’s spread and disguised as valid. One way that Facebook is combating this issue is by removing the ability for users to modify link previews (headlines, descriptions, images, etc.).

This change, while critical to the integrity of news on the platform, does have consequences for social media marketers who have previously relied on the ability to manually modify the aspects of a generated link. Marketers often rely on this to counteract erroneous or missing open graph tags that allow links to load a thumbnail properly on social, as well as add more engaging link descriptions and images. Facebook has committed to finding solutions for marketers to circumvent these difficulties without enabling misinformation.

LinkedIn Introduces Native Video: Videos from YouTube and Vimeo have long had a home on LinkedIn, but the platform has taken video content to the next level by introducing native video. As of now, this is a feature that is only available through the mobile app. Users can select pre-recorded video or choose to record on the spot. Native video has a huge advantage in reach over YouTube or Vimeo videos, too. These videos play automatically in the feed, but the sound defaults to “off.” Users will have to manually activate the sound. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that these are available to business pages at the moment.

LinkedIn Native Video Screenshot

Snap Inc. Partners With NBCUniversal to Produce Video Programming: We’ve mentioned before how other social networks have been making the foray into video programming, so we may be watching the beginnings of a media revolution! Snap Inc. found success in video programming with the launch of “Stay Tuned,” a two-to-four-minute news program unique to Snapchat and produced by NBC News. Building off this success, Snap Inc. is expanding short-form video programming.

Snapchat is uniquely popular with kids and teenagers, which means that these video programs will be reaching a very specific audience to which the content can be catered. Time will tell if a platform as unique as Snapchat can find staying power for this type of content, but so far it seems promising.

Amazon Launches Social Media Network, Spark: Amazon is mixing social media networking and e-commerce with new social media platform Spark. Prime users are able to post their projects, stories and experiences for the community to view. Though only Prime members can currently post, all Amazon users are able to view the content. Upon signup, users will be asked a series of questions about hobbies and interests and the newsfeed will serve personalized content based on the answers. Hobbies like cooking, crafting and design are great examples of things that would find a home on Spark. The products used in these crafts can be found directly from the posts and purchased through the Amazon app!

A cutout from the Amazon Spark feature page.

Facebook Rolls Out Video Programming Platform, Watch: Facebook is also jumping on the video content bandwagon with the launch of Watch. Unlike Snapchat’s video forays mentioned above, Watch is designed to host shows that are developed by the community. Different videos can be found based on what type of reaction the videos are getting, what your friends are watching or which videos are generating the most conversation overall.

For example, a show that generates a large amount of the “Haha” reaction may be curated into a “funny” playlist. While watching, you can view comments from friends and the Facebook community, too! Facebook itself is funding a few shows to get the ball rolling. Will Watch successfully compete with a titan like YouTube? Only time will tell.

Are you sufficiently spooked? I don’t know about you, but the notion of television giving way to social media video has my hair on end. It feels like we’re on the cusp of something big, so make sure that you find time throughout the holiday season to check in on my Social Media Quarterly: Q4 2017 edition for an update!

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