Green Beans Are Delicious and the Gatekeeper to Better Marketing

As a young boy, I was lucky enough to have grandparents with huge gardens. Not only was this a great escape for a suburban kid, it taught me some great lessons. I recall one moment where I was picking green beans with my grandfather. He started on one end of a 25-foot row and I on the other. In an effort to impress him, I picked as fast as I could.

Closeup of a young man picking green beans from the plant in an organic orchard

When we met near the middle, I saw his bucket was much fuller than mine even though I’d covered more ground. He looked at my bucket, smiled and said, “Look here.” He reached down to a plant, lifted a broad leaf and there they were. He lifted another leaf and another large bunch of beans appeared. I went back to the start of the row, took my time and was happy with how fast my bucket was filled.

When I started at re:group, I noticed people were always asking questions. Like, a lot of questions. I did wonder why everyone spent so much time asking questions when there was so much to be done. I now understand it’s because we lift the leaves. We don’t just skim over your business needs quickly. We don’t rush to conclusions. We’re methodical and patient. It’s so important because what we discover about you, your employees, your business model, your core values and so on informs our strategy. It lets us tackle solving your business problems and helping you grow through better marketing. This is especially true when it comes to creative.

So, when you think about working with an agency, think about green beans. Find out if their teams are spending the time to lift the leaves. Agencies may be fast, pretty and flashy, but find one that is inquisitive, curious and patient, and your bean bucket will thank you.

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