Social Media Monthly: May Recap

Can you feel it? The dog days of summer are setting in. Soon, the Northern Hemisphere will be cast into the crucible that is July, and we’ll be collectively seeking shade, ice cream and any other relief we can find from our solar assailant. Luckily for you, we’re offering some cool news from the social media world that hails from an even cooler time of the year. We’ve even summarized it in the video above! Without further ado, dig into the May edition of our Social Media Monthly!

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Twitter Adjusts Formatting To Reduce Impact On Character Limits: In order to free up characters for better use in the actual messages, Twitter is making a few changes regarding how formatting and media attachments impact its 140-character limits:

  • Replies: When replying to a tweet, the Twitter handle will no longer count towards the character limit.
  • Media attachments: Media will no longer count towards the character limit. This includes photos, GIFs, videos, polls and any media found within a quote tweet.
  • Retweet & quote-tweet yourself: You’ll now be able to retweet and quote-tweet yourself! This will help in situations where you want to add a thought or re-share an unnoticed tweet.
  • No more “.@”: The convention of using “.@” at the beginning of tweets that begin with a username to make them public will become obsolete. Tweets that start with another Twitter handle will be broadcasted publicly, and replies to tweets will have the option to be broadcasted publicly through retweeting yourself.

Facebook Enables Continuous Live Video: Facebook has broken new ground in the field of live mobile video with the launch of Continuous Live Video. Previously limited to 90 minutes, Continuous Live Video allows nonstop, long-form broadcasting to Facebook News Feeds. The drawback is that these streams will not be able to be permanently saved or shared. This new feature has been used for live nature feeds, 24-hour views into major landmarks and more.

Additionally, Facebook Live has introduced “geogating,” which allows creators to make a video visible only to people within particular locations, as well as “age-gating,” which restricts a video to people of particular age groups. These features will help target videos to specific audiences when there may be age or territory restrictions

YouTube Adds Bumper Ads: If you’ve used YouTube, you know that many times, before you can watch a video, you need to view an advertisement first. YouTube has now introduced a shorter, “bumper” ad. These six-second video advertisements deliver succinct and easy-to-absorb messages that are particularly well suited for “snackable videos” that are popularly consumed on mobile devices. Amongst the early adopters of this format are Audi and the English band “Rudimental.”

Instagram Adds Analytics: With the addition of business profiles, adding analytics to Instagram was an inevitability. These analytics (not surprisingly) are similar to Facebook’s. Marketers will be able to see their follower analytics, which will show followers’ locations, genders and ages. There are also post analytics that allow you to view data on impressions, reach, website clicks and follower activity of your posts. This includes popular viewing times and top posts for each category (reach, clicks, etc.). This is a long overdue development that I am personally very excited about.

Twitter Adds Connect Tab & Omnisearch: If you thought I had already wrapped Twitter up, you were wrong. In order to make it easier to find new and interesting people to follow, Twitter has introduced the Connect tab. This gives the user a detailed list of people and accounts that they might enjoy following. The algorithm for this tab takes into account who you currently follow, tweets you like, popular accounts in your area, current events and other factors. To top things off, the Connect tab explains to you why each recommendation appears.

Omnisearch is a new information retrieval system that will be replacing Twitter’s existing search indexing technology, “Earlybird.” With new products on the horizon and an ever-increasing diversity of media available on the web and on Twitter itself, user queries have become intricate enough to warrant an overhaul. Omnisearch will take into account a vast wealth of index information, including fields, operators and ranking signals. Twitter succinctly states its intentions with Omnisearch in one sentence: “Our ultimate vision for Omnisearch is to provide search as a service, allowing us to build entirely new kinds of products.”

There you have it! Did you break a sweat? Take a second to chill, and make sure to share this article with the marketers and social media lovers that you know. Tune in next month as we give you more developments that are—as always—hot off the presses.

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