Social Media Monthly: June 2016 Recap

We know you’ve been waiting for this. The anticipation has been killing you. You’ve been crossing the days off of your calendar. You’ve developed nervous habits. You’ve dropped to your knees and asked the cosmos, “When?! When will re:group release the next Social Media Monthly?!” Well, friend, the cosmos smiles on you today, because we’re back with all of the most noteworthy social media news for June. Heading into the second half of the year, we’re seeing a truly fascinating social landscape developing.

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Twitter Introduces the Twitter Dashboard: The Twitter Dashboard is designed to be a central hub in which businesses can manage their Twitter accounts. From tracking mentions to scheduling posts, the Twitter Dashboard offers consolidated functionality that, until now, was missing. This dashboard also provides prompts and topics to help create interesting and unique tweets, as well as analytics to help measure the performance of your tweets. The beta version of the Twitter Dashboard is out now, so there’s no excuse not to try it out!

Facebook Adjusts News Feed to Favor Friends: As Facebook grows in popularity and as a marketing tool, News Feeds are becoming increasingly cluttered with content. Because of this, Facebook is adjusting the News Feed to favor stories from the friends that you care about.

Facebook has acknowledged that this may have a negative impact on certain pages’ reach. If pages post content that thrives because it is shared by viewers, this News Feed change will not affect much. However, if a page gets its reach through page posts alone, there could be a noticeable decrease in performance. Marketers will need to be aware of how to successfully optimize their content based on this change.

Pinterest Introduces Ad Targeting Tools for Business Accounts: Pinterest marketing just became more refined with the addition of three new targeting tools:

  • Customer List Targeting: Uses emails or mobile ad IDs to target promoted pins to already-existing customers.
  • Visitor Retargeting: Targets users who’ve already visited an account.
  • Lookalike Targeting: Targets users who have similar interests and demographics to pre-existing followers.

Businesses that tested these features saw favorable results, with click-through rates increasing up to three times for visitor retargeting and 63% for lookalike targeting. Reach increased up to 30 times. Pinterest is already one of the top social media marketing channels for brands, and these additions should only serve to further increase its power.

Snapchat Launches Advertising API: Snapchat aims to create a long-term expansion of advertising on the platform through the creation of its new API, Snapchat Partners. More than 20 companies will be involved with this API and, for the first time, third parties will sell Snapchat ads. Collaborators will be split into two groups: ad partners and creative partners. Ad partners are developing software that will communicate with Snapchat’s API inventory to sell inventory in an auction format. Creative partners consist of social content experts with experience in Snapchat’s vertical-video format. Snapchat is wildly popular amongst Millennials and, with this API launching, its advertising capabilities will finally reach their full potential.

Facebook & Instagram Launch Creative Hub: Intended to help Facebook and Instagram marketers easily manage their workflow, Creative Hub gives ad creators collaborative tools to help build mobile ads on the platform. This will allow multiple parties to work on advertisements together, and will even allow creators to preview their ads on smartphones before they go live. Soon, a brand’s media agency will be able to directly communicate on the platform, which will streamline the creation process and eliminate unnecessary dialogue.

Satisfied? We thought so. We’re glad you’ve given us the chance to scratch your itch. Take a moment to share the love with the marketing and social media lovers that you know, and tune in next time the stars align (which our on-staff soothsayer says will probably be this time next month).

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