Social Media Monthly: July 2016 Recap

It’s August already. That’s absurd. 2016 is more than halfway in the books, and it has been a turbulent, crazy year. The chaos has definitely extended to the realm of social media. We’ve seen a slew of innovations and drastic changes. Don’t worry, though! We’re here every month to guide you through the social jungle with our glistening machete of knowledge. You’d better put on your hiking boots and apply your bug spray, because we’re about to dive in headfirst with our Social Media Monthly, July 2016 edition!

Facebook Changes Business Page Layout:

Nothing ever seems to stay the same on Facebook and, this time around, it’s business pages that are getting the makeover. Facebook has been refining the new page look for a few weeks, and it has started to roll out en masse. This change moves the profile picture to the far left and has the cover image taking up more space in the center. The most important aspect, however, is the more centralized location of the call-to-action buttons, which can encourage visitors to interact with the page and visit the brand’s website.

Screenshots of the old Facebook business page layout next to the new 2016 layout

Twitter Introduces Twitter Dashboard:

Designed for businesses, Twitter Dashboard offers one concise space to view analytics and interactions, as well as schedule content. Twitter Dashboard allows users to create custom feeds that can help bring questions and concerns to a business’ attention right away, without the fear of missing something important. Another interesting aspect of Twitter Dashboard is the “tweet tips” feature. These tips suggest ideas for posts when you might be struggling to come up with an idea. Guidance, for example, could be a suggestion to tweet a fun fact about an employee or to share tweets from a business partner.

Screenshot of the analytics section of Twitter Dashboard

Periscope Adds “Editor’s Pick” Section:

First and foremost, the “Editor’s Pick” stream selection gives Periscope users a central place to view noteworthy content that they may have initially missed. This is especially useful for new users who may not know where to go to view quality content that fits their interests. Who would have guessed that the “Editor’s Pick” section comes on the heels of the hiring of Evan Hansen as the new editor-in-chief?

Facebook Messenger Tests Encryption With Secret Conversations:

Though Facebook Messenger already has strong security measures as a precaution, Facebook is currently testing further security safeguards to protect users’ sensitive information. This secret conversation mode offers end-to-end encryption, which only allows a message to be read by one device belonging to the person you sent it to. There are also time constraints that can be applied to a message, after which the message will not be readable. Secret conversations do not enable the use of GIFs or video yet.

Snapchat Introduces Memories:

Snapchat Memories is a great new feature that allows users to save snaps and stories long-term in collections based on keywords. For example, if you took a vacation to Hawaii, if you enter the Memories screen and type the keyword “Hawaii,” Memories would pull up all your snaps from the vacation. You can even go through the archive and create new stories out of different memories. Snaps that are older than one day will appear with frames around them, indicating that they’re from the past. Users will be able to hide photos that they don’t want to be seen by the public with the new “For My Eyes Only” feature, which acts as a private archive within Memories.

And there you have it! We’re in the clear. All the best social media news from July, packed into one article. We’ve successfully traversed the great, wild frontier of the web. You didn’t get stuck in quicksand, did you? Avoided the snakes? Good. Since you’re still in one piece, you’d better join us next time for our August edition. If you enjoyed reading this, please take a moment to share it with the marketing and social media lovers that you know and subscribe so you never miss a beat! See you next month!

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