Social Media Monthly: August 2016 Recap

Nothing noteworthy happened regarding social media in August.

Ok, that’s not true. In fact, a plethora of cool things happened in the social-media universe last month, and we’re more than excited to share the whole kit and caboodle with you. From two networks jostling over territory with the same concept, to an increased effort to control public commentary, you’re not going to want to miss these tidbits. Trust us.

Social Media Monthly Recap

Instagram Introduces Stories: Instagram is entering the ring against Snapchat by creating its own variation of the “Stories” feature. Very much a similar concept, Instagram Stories are slideshows of photos or videos that users can share with their followers. Users can share stories as much as they want throughout the day, but they will disappear after 24 hours. These collections of multimedia will be shown in a bar at the top of the home tab, and Instagrammers with new stories will have a ring displayed around their profile picture. Notably, there are no likes or public comments for Instagram Stories. Users can, however, send private messages in response by tapping the screen.

Facebook Enables Vertical Video on Mobile: It finally happened. Facebook now supports vertical videos on mobile news feeds! No longer will these videos be cropped into squares or require a click to see a full version! Interestingly, Facebook has noted that users are watching vertical videos longer and with sound when they’re presented with the full version in their feed. We’re excited to see how this development plays out and how engagement on vertical videos continues to trend!

Instagram Gives Users More Comment Control: While you have always been able to delete comments made on your Instagram photos, there hasn’t really been a way to prevent certain types of messages from being posted. This is now changing with Instagram adding filters to prevent certain words or phrases from being posted on your content. Instagram also maintains a list of banned hashtags that will prevent the spread of questionable images on the site. This is all part of an ongoing effort to remove offensive material and reduce the impact and influence of internet trolls.

LinkedIn Introduces Videos From LinkedIn Influencers: In a very cool development from LinkedIn, influencers will now be sharing 30-second videos based on trending professional topics and news. Once posted, these videos will appear directly in users’ news feeds, and users will be able to contribute to discussions regarding the content. Over 500 influencers have been invited to participate in this initiative! We’re excited to see what discussions are brought forth using the power of video and community engagement. Only time will tell, so pay attention as these videos begin rolling out, and make sure to join in the conversation!

Twitter Releases a Direct Message Button for Websites: Twitter is attempting to shift customer support for brands away from public tweets and towards direct messages that can be addressed in a private forum. This new addition makes it easier to privately contact a brand on Twitter from that brand’s website. There are already buttons for following, sharing and other interactions, so this is a logical step as Twitter attempts to create a comprehensive set of buttons for the web. Brand outreach on multiple social networks is shifting towards an emphasis on private contact, so this move should help Twitter stay fresh with its customer engagement abilities.

There’s the whole truth of social media news for August of 2016! We’re glad that we’ve been able to keep you informed throughout your summer. Did you take lots of photos on your vacation? Make sure to share those beach pictures on social media! Better yet, make them into an Instagram Story! We’ll see you next month, once the leaves are all falling and pumpkin spice has taken over the world. If you enjoyed reading this, be sure to share it with all the marketing and social media fanatics that you know. In fact, you should go one-step further and subscribe so you’re never out of touch! We’ll see you again next month for our Social Media Monthly: September 2016 Recap!

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