Social Media Monthly: April Recap

The time has come once again for us to share with you the latest and greatest happenings in the world of social media. From new forays into video integration to a continued effort to increase ad spending, April was as lively as ever. That’s no problem, though; it keeps things interesting. We promise to do the same for you as your read through to the bottom of this page! But you are the final judge! Pour through the April edition of our Social Media Monthly right now!

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Facebook Introduces New Features for Purchasing and Planning Mobile Video Ads: Facebook has been digging further and further into video integration in just about every way possible. In April, it set a series of guidelines that optimize video advertisements for use in a mobile environment. These guidelines include designing to capture attention quickly, to convey the message without sound, composing visuals for effective use on small screens, and a focus on continuing refinement.

Facebook also introduced TRP buying features for mobile videos. TRP buying is the traditional method of purchasing time for television campaigns, and using this method for mobile video allows advertisers to extend existing TV campaigns onto Facebook more easily. Advertisers can also purchase “day-parts,” which are blocks of time (a four-hour minimum) when their ad will be shown.

Instagram Updates Ad Overlay: When someone clicks on an advertisement within Instagram, an overlay appears that confirms whether or not the viewer wants to go offsite to the third-party page. This overlay has been updated to include the business’ Facebook page name and the display or the website URL, instead of just including a generic “Go to Website” or “Go to App Store” message. Advertisers are charged based on the click of the overlay, not the initial tap to bring it up.

Facebook Introduces Topics To Watch: Topics to Watch is an awesome new feature on Facebook, which provides insight into growing conversation volume. This monthly report will highlight six topics that have experienced growth over the past year, show who is talking about it, and what topics are related to it. Topics to Watch will help marketers and advertisers plan ahead and will assist them in finding the “next big thing.”

Snapchat Lets You Face-Swap With Your Camera Roll: Everyone loves the Face-Swap feature. I can’t tell you how often I split my sides laughing at these. Luckily for us, Snapchat has enabled the ability for you to swap your face out with an existing image in your camera roll. This means you can now easily swap your face with a nearly endless amount of alternatives! Have fun. I know I will.

Facebook News Feed Factors In Time Spent Reading: Facebook’s News Feed algorithm now takes into account how long you’ve spent reading an article on a third-party site. In other words, when you find an article on Facebook’s mobile browser or an Instant Article, and click through to the third-party site, Facebook continues to track how long you’re spending reading the article. This is designed to reduce clickbait and increase the quality of articles. This new adjustment factors in an individual’s average read time, so the adjustments will not be biased based on how slowly or quickly a person reads.

We hope that this edition of our Social Media Monthly kept you on the edge of your seats! If you enjoyed reading our recap, please share this article with the marketers and social media lovers that you know. Make sure to check back with us next month for even more action-packed news.

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