Social Media Monthly: September 2016 Recap

Dear Diary,

Last night I had a premonition that came to me in a dream. People were walking around wearing strange, brightly colored glasses that recorded video and shared it on the internet. The name “Snap” was being mentioned over and over and over. I kept thinking to myself, “What could this mean? I need to share this vision with the world!”

Wait, what? You’re telling me that’s already a thing? Darn! I thought I was clairvoyant!

I might not be able to see into the future, but you can bet that I know what happened in the world of social media during September. You’re not going to need to read my mind to learn about it, either! Let my blog be your crystal ball and get ready to dig into the September edition of re:group’s Social Media Monthly!

Snapchat, Inc. Becomes Snap, Inc. and Releases Camera Glasses: This is probably the most surreal development that I’ve covered. I thought it was a joke when I heard about it but, I assure you, it’s real. Snapchat, Inc. has rebranded as Snap, Inc. and now markets itself as a camera company. Its flagship items are spectacles, highly stylized sunglasses that have video cameras built into the corner of the frames. Video shot from these glasses is sent to Snapchat via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in a new, circular-video format. This format is shot in a 115-degree field of view that is designed to mimic the human perspective and will play full screen on any device in any orientation. This may be genius or it may be madness. Only time will tell!

Tweets No Longer Count Multimedia Against Character Limits: Multimedia in the form of images, GIFs, videos and more is becoming an essential aspect of the social media experience. Twitter users have faced unique challenges in communicating through multimedia since Twitter’s already-small character limit was further reduced when adding attachments. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Hyperlinks will still use up 24 characters, but other attachments are now benign. They say brevity is the soul of wit, but having a little wiggle room is a welcome development.

Instagram Introduces Custom-Keyword Moderation: Internet trolling has become an increasing problem for the Instagram community, so the company has been slowly rolling out measures to prevent online harassment. I actually talked about Instagram introducing filters and banned hashtags in my August 2016 Recap. In September, it took things even further with the introduction of custom-keyword moderation. This allows Instagrammers to utilize the new Comments tool and enter a list of words that they consider offensive. Posts that contain words within this list will be hidden from that user’s content. There will already be default words provided, which the user can keep or remove.

LinkedIn Redesigns Desktop Site: LinkedIn’s mobile app has experienced great success due to its intuitive and simple design. The company is attempting to replicate this success by introducing a redesigned version of the desktop experience. Taking a page from other social-media sites, LinkedIn’s homepage now emphasizes the news feed. The top box is more centrally located and prominent, which aims to encourage users to post more. The new redesign also introduces an upgraded messaging feature that appears at the bottom of the page. The really cool thing about this messaging platform is the integration of a smart chat bot, which compares users’ calendars and assists in scheduling meetings by suggesting times and places.

Twitter Rolls Out Moments To All Users: In the past, Twitter Moments has been a feature that focused on events and celebrities. However, Twitter has now officially thrown its hat in the ring with Instagram and Snapchat by rolling out this storytelling feature to its entire user base. Moments allows a user to string together a series of tweets into a concise and coherent narrative. Users can select tweets from Twitter search, tweets they’ve liked, their history and other accounts. These will be stored in the Moments tab and will not expire like, for example, Snapchat Stories. Moments can even be shared within another tweet!

Illustration of a person clicking a refresh calendar icon on an iPad with the word re:cap next to it.

See? We didn’t even need Voodoo magic to peer into this wealth of information. We got things done the good old-fashioned way. Maybe next month, when things get a little spookier around Halloween, we can try some tea divining or even break out the Tarot cards to see what’s in store! If you liked this article, please share it with all the social media aficionados and marketing professionals that you know. You can even subscribe so you’re always in the loop! Be sure to come back in early November for our October Social Media Monthly. We’ll be sure to have some hair-raising news!

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