Social Media Monthly: October 2016 Recap

My stomach is rumbling. When the holiday season is in view, most people have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. Not me. Right now, I have little turkeys orbiting around my gourd like tiny, delectable satellites. The only thing that can bump its way through my tryptophan-induced trance is social media news, and luckily for you, I’ve managed to put my fork down long enough to share some. Take a seat at my table so I can fill you in on the meat and potatoes of last month’s news in our Social Media Monthly, October 2016 edition!

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Twitter Is Killing Vine: This is a sad time, indeed. Twitter has announced that Vine will be discontinued. For the time being, the app is still alive. In addition to keeping the website online for retrospect, the company is giving users time to access and download their Vines. It’s even building a special export tool to help users save time and conveniently bulk-download their clips. The app will be retired in the coming months and new Vines will be discontinued. We’re bummed to see this fun app go the way of the dodo, but we’re really pleased to see the shutdown process being handled with such consideration towards its users.

Facebook Rolls Out “Secret Conversations” To All Users: Facebook has experimented with encrypted messaging in the past (through the messaging client, WhatsApp) and is now rolling out this feature to all Facebook Messenger users. While messages through this client are already secure, this new feature (called Secret Conversations) fully protects messages from being accessed by any devices except the original sender and original recipient. So, for example, if you were sending Secret Conversations on your phone and later wanted to view the conversation on your laptop, you’d be out of luck.

For users who update the Facebook Messenger app, the option to activate this feature will appear on the top right of the “new message” screen. Secret Conversations needs to be activated for every new conversation, so don’t forget to do so!

LinkedIn Revamps Endorsements: In a network of professionals, having a person publicly vouch for your expertise is incredibly important. That’s why LinkedIn has breathed new life into its Endorsements feature. The most noteworthy change in Endorsements is the highlighting of endorsements that matter most to the viewer. That means viewers will see endorsements from mutual connections, colleagues and other professionals of that skill. LinkedIn also targets Endorsement suggestions to connections that know the skillset the best.

These changes make the Endorsements feature much stronger. Instead of simply being a mishmash of validations from God-knows-who, you can feel confident that relevant people are confirming your skills.

Periscope Launches Producer: Live video is the darling of 2016, and we’ve seen apps and features pop up like daisies to capitalize on this latest trend. Until now, however, most broadcasters have been limited to using a phone or tablet to stream live video. With the launch of Periscope Producer, this is no longer the case. Producer enables content creators to stream high quality live video from a variety of sources, including streaming software, professional cameras and hardware encoders. This has opened the door to widespread live streaming of popular events, like the presidential debates, the Emmys and more. I can’t wait to see how professional-quality live video changes the face of traditional broadcasting.

Facebook Introduces The “Events From Facebook” App: You’ve probably heard of Facebook Events. That’s old news. What you probably don’t know of (yet) is the shiny-new Events From Facebook app. Events From Facebook works as a central hub to view, manage and search for events. Users are able to search based on a range of criteria, including the time, location and the user’s interests. Notably, this app features an integrated calendar that makes it easy to stay organized. All actions taken on this app will be visible and accessible on Facebook, so users can be confident that their friends will remain in the loop.

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