Social Media Monthly: March Recap

It seems like just yesterday we were filling you in on the latest social media happenings from January and February. However, March has already come and gone, and with it came a vast amount of change in the industry. Don’t fret—we’re not going to let you fall behind the curve! Put on a helmet and strap yourself in. We’re about to blast off into the March edition of our Social Media Monthly!

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Facebook Ranks Live Video Higher In News Feed: Live video is becoming a popular new format across social media and—for verified people and pages—an opportunity to reach followers in real time. Facebook has taken advantage of this new format by making live videos appear higher in the News Feed in order to take advantage of the format’s instantaneous delivery. This update led to almost immediate backlash; the week after prioritizing live videos, Facebook began developing a method for users to disable live video from appearing at the top of their News Feeds.

LinkedIn Releases Company-Centric Ad Targeting Feature: LinkedIn launched a feature that further refines its ad targeting. To use it, marketers first upload lists of the companies that they do business with or would like to do business with. LinkedIn then takes the list, processes it, and cross-references it against its database to uncover all the listed employees who work for those companies. This allows marketers to specifically aim their advertisements at people that work for the desired businesses.

Pinterest Ads Manager Is Now Open to All Businesses: After a month of starting a Promoted Pin campaign, advertisers who used Pinterest Ads Manager saw an average of 20% more free clicks than advertisers who didn’t. Because of this success, Pinterest has opened Ads Manager to small- and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. There are three types of targeting in Ads Manager:

  • Interest Targeting: Targeting against over 420 different user interests.
  • Keyword Targeting: Allows you to reach users while they’re looking for new ideas.
  • Customer Database Targeting: Creates a targeted audience based on your customer list. This allows you to reach existing customers while they’re looking for new ideas.

Instagram Now Shows Notifications on the Web: While its editing and publishing features are still restricted to mobile, Instagram recently expanded its web service by allowing notifications to be displayed in a dropdown box on the website. This makes interacting with the Instagram community much more feasible when using a non-mobile interface. Could this be a sign of bigger things to come for desktop management? We hope so.

Google Develops Live-Streaming App Called YouTube Connect: Google has been building a new live-streaming app called YouTube Connect. This is being developed as direct competition to Periscope and Facebook Live, and will be available on iOS and Android systems. YouTube Connect will offer chat and tagging features, as well as a news feed that shows clips from your friends and people that you’ve subscribed to on YouTube. Notably, you will be able to store previous broadcasts within the app, allowing you to watch replays of the live stream. YouTube Connect is projected to launch before May.

That wraps up this edition of our Social Media Monthly! If you enjoyed reading our recap, please share this article with the marketers and social media lovers that you know. Tune in next month, too, because we’re sure that new developments will continue raining down like an April shower!

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