Learning From Leaders: IFA Leadership Conference’s Jayson Pearl of Brightstar Franchising, LLC

Welcome back, franchise friends! The International Franchise Association Convention is just over two weeks away! Are you ready to “Learn at Every Turn?”

Next up in our Learning From Leaders blog series is Jayson Pearl, executive vice president of franchise operations at BrightStar Franchising, LLC. BrightStar is a unique international home care franchise founded in 2002 that has been franchising since 2005. From children to seniors, they’re committed to providing a higher standard of healthcare, including a focus on companion care, personal care and skilled care.

A headshot of Jayson Pearl

Jayson’s Path to Leadership

Jayson has been in franchising for 30 years, starting in food service as an employee at Burger King and working with different food service chains on the manufacturing side. He started working with BrightStar in 2009 after connecting with some people he knew there.

“I didn’t have a healthcare background, but I saw what a great opportunity it was to join a rapidly growing, but still new company.”

Jayson was hired on with responsibilities in the marketing department and in a three-year period, progressed from vice president of marketing to chief brand officer. BrightStar’s marketing efforts grew to new levels, from national TV and brand awareness ads to broadcast and electronic media, and the need for franchisees was growing as well.

Adapting To Change

BrightStar’s demand for franchisees required a higher level of expertise than Jayson had at the time, but the company decided that this was the best way to leverage his experience so Jayson changed seats to the head of franchise operations. “It was a tough transition because I felt a deep identity in marketing, but it was the right thing for franchisees and the company. I have been in my current role for about a year and looking back, moving to franchising was the best thing because I was able to leverage a lot of experience and make the best use of what I could bring to BrightStar, which was great for everyone.”

So what was the single most important thing Jayson had learned that allowed him to become the leader he is today? “Learning how to focus on franchisee relationships and really creating more balance between the needs of franchisees and the needs of the company. You always hope you can make it a win-win situation for both parties and I’m able to make that a reality in a role where I’m working face to face with franchisees.”

Jayson has been with BrightStar for seven years and loves being able to help franchisees succeed in a business that allows them to feel great about what they do, while growing a successful business. “It’s great being able to stand behind a brand that hangs its hat on a higher standard of care because you’re bringing the best outcomes and highest amount of value to families in what is possibly their most urgent moment of need.”

Jayson’s Advice

We had one last question for Jayson: What advice do you have for aspiring leaders?

  • Work Hard; Be Persistent
    “There’s nothing more important than persistence and being able to wake up and to be able to keep going in the face of adversity. That’s what wins over time—taking it one step at a time and getting it done. Persistence and hard work wins over talent and great ideas. It’s ultimately how you get people to believe in you so you can lead them.
  • Relationships Are Key
    “Success in franchising comes when you can demonstrate to franchisees that the model and your coaching is going to help them achieve their specific goals. Franchisee relationships are key. Talking to franchisees about their goals and explaining how the model will help them achieve those goals is much more successful than trying to explain the model and why they need to stick to it. It’s about building those relationships and communication.”

Love what Jayson had to say? There’s still time to register for the IFA Leadership Conference, where you can hear more from him, Renee IsraelMeg Rose, as well as Dina Dwyer-Owens (to be featured in the coming weeks!). The conference is part of the International Franchise Association’s 56th Annual Convention, scheduled for Saturday, February 20 at 11:30 a.m. UTC in San Antonio, TX.

See you there!

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