“Shazam for Brands” Is on a Store Shelf Near You

Have you ever heard an unfamiliar song that you liked and used Shazam to learn the artist? Have you ever Shazamed a commercial to learn more about an advertiser? I’d bet that you are much more likely to have done the former than the latter. Even if you were interested in Shazaming a commercial, there are inherent challenges in doing so within a commercial’s 20 to 30 seconds. Expanding ways that customers can engage with a product, Shazam launched “Shazam for Brands” this past April.

Until recently, Shazam minimized its advertiser partnerships, relying on downloads, carrier partnerships and affiliates for the majority of its revenue, but that is now changing. Chief Revenue Officer Greg Glenday has been quoted as saying, “advertising had always been secondary, but now we are putting it front and center.” This could be a pairing that works. Advertisers are increasingly looking for engagement, and providing content, and not just in the digital space. I’d also argue that consumers (particularly) like to engage with brands that they support.

The first advertiser to launch this new execution is the iconic Coca-Cola. Its summer “Share a Coke® and a Song” campaign invited consumers to scan lyrics on specially-marked bottles and signage that were Shazam-enabled. Consumers could then record a digital lip-sync video and share them on social media using the #ShareaCoke hashtag. This was supported with other media, including a national television campaign. Coke Zero has also worked with Shazam in the past, launching their “Drinkable Commercial” in partnership with ESPN College GameDay:

I’m curious to see how the new “Share a Coke® and a Song” campaign works. The hashtag is definitely being used, so consumers are engaging with Coke. But my totally unscientific count back in August showed that only two of the 200 last tweets had used the lip-sync option. Shazam and Coke may end up lip-syncing to Avril Levine’s “Complicated”, instead of American Authors’ “On Top of the World”.

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