Making Banking (Advertising) Fun

Sounds like a marketing oxymoron, doesn’t it? Banking & Fun. But really, it doesn’t have to be. Of course, the work still has to make a point, do it in an engaging way, and it can’t let the humor overshadow the fact that banking is a very, very competitive business. Still, it can be done. Marketing a bank can be lighthearted, if it’s right for the client.

Take, for example, TD Bank. They’ve taken a dramatic approach to showing how easy it can be to bank with them. In this campaign, they highlight some of their benefits by reenacting customer stories as if they were produced by Michael Bay. By using exaggerated cinematic scenarios, TD Bank injects a little humor into the banking experience…as well as over-the-top stunts, like smashing-through-windows-and-jumping-over-cars type things:

Or, consider Citizens Bank of the Eastern states. Their theme line, “Good banking is good citizenship,” doesn’t necessarily seem to lend itself to anything fun. But when you take the idea of using the founding fathers to make your point, especially the Founding Father of Modern Banking, you get, well, work that is memorable, effective and yes, fun:

What do you think of these campaigns? Do you have other examples that would fit?

Photo Credit: Flickr’s RangerRick

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