Google My Business Finally Releases Bulk Upload for Google+ Local

When we last talked about claiming your business on Google, we went through the long, cumbersome process of manually creating a Google Places page and upgrading it to a Google+ Local page. This, of course, was a seemingly simple solution for single-unit business owners, but for multi-unit or franchise businesses, this manual process meant a long and arduous road ahead.

But now there’s hope! In June, Google took the first step to simplifying business management, the first step towards making life easier for multi-unit business owners. Enter Google My Business.

Google My Business

Screenshot of Google My Business DashboardGoogle My Business is a business management platform that allows business owners to manage their Google presence from a single dashboard. With this dashboard, they have the opportunity to utilize all of Google’s business services in one place, like Google+ Local, reviews, Google AdWords and Google Analytics. It also provides additional SEO value and a quick and easy way to add multiple locations to Google’s database.

Before Google My Business, business listings had to be managed from the old Google Places. This determined how they would show up in Google Search and on Google Maps. Business information on Google+ Local was managed separately from Google Places. This meant that business owners would have to go through the manual process of merging their Google+ Local Pages with their Google Places Listings, and then verifying those pages through snail mail.

Google My Business Bulk Upload

So, how is Google My Business relevant for multi-unit business owners? Google My Business has always had a solution for companies with multiple locations. It’s a feature called “bulk upload,” which allows business owners to import a spreadsheet with all of their locations’ business information in order to create and verify a Google Places listing for each.

Screenshot of Google My Business bulk upload

Google Gets with the Program, Creates Automatic Google+ Local Upgrade for Google My Business Bulk Uploads

Until October, Google My Business bulk uploads applied only to Google Places listings. This was a huge problem for multi-unit business owners eager to be relevant on Google+ Local, but with hands tied due to the laborious manual upgrade process. We can empathize; our clients were some of those affected.

But on October 30, 2014, that all changed. In an instant, Google migrated all Google Places bulk upload listings into Google+ Local pages. No fanfare, no emails asking if it was okay to make the switch. Just poof, and Google finally came up with a solution to make sure multi-unit businesses were reflected online as Google Places listings with corresponding Google+ Local pages.

And just like that, Google has taken multi-unit business owners into the 21st century. Questions? Please contact us to chat about managing your business on Google.

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