How Media and Creative Roles Have Changed with Digital Advertising

Back in the ‘90s, most big agencies thought spinning off their media departments into their own separate business entities was the best for business.

While it may have been financially successful, in effect, you had two competing agencies, each vying for strategic control.

In today’s day and age, brands require a much more integrated approach. Especially with digital media, media and creative teams must work together to drive the best results for the client. The challenge is to create the best message to resonate with the right audience over the appropriate medium.

Photo of an office setting by Flickr's Startup Stock

So, what’s different about the ‘90s and today? When it comes to digital media, performance analytics and data give us the ability to test, test, test. Messaging can continually be adjusted to secure the lowest cost-per-click and the highest number of conversions for the client. This leads to a happy client and a strong agency-client partnership.

What does this mean? Integration is here to stay. Collaboration is essential.

If you’re interested in how re:group can make media and creative work for you, we’d love to hear from you.

Photo Credit: Flickr’s Startup Stock

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