Trust: The Key to New Relationships

coffeeAs exciting as it can be, starting a new job is tough. Not knowing simple things like where to get a pen, how everyone likes the office coffee prepared or why they call Phil “The Amish Wonder” can be really frustrating. I mean there’s nothing more confusing than asking where you can find a file folder and being told to go see “The Chief of the Night Sky.”


I’ve found these distractions can last a couple weeks and keep you from really tackling the job you were brought in to do.

I’m pretty new here at re:group, just over two months to be exact. I’ve moved past that fun little adjustment period and, thankfully, I now know who “The Chief of the Night Sky” is. It really got me thinking though: this must be what a new client feels like when hiring a new agency. There is a lot of excitement about the new working relationship, but, like any new relationship, trust is key and getting there takes time.

trustAt re:group, we make clients comfortable the same way we do new hires: by caring. We ask them about their business and about themselves. It’s important to remember that a client hates purple or maybe em dashes, or that a son had a big “insert activity here.” Letting them know that we take our role in this new relationship very seriously can lead to a much stronger and possibly unorthodox creative approach down the road.

I read a nice article about how important the onboarding process is for new hires. Yes, it’s one of those Top 5 list things, but there is a sentiment right at the end that really strikes a chord: “When creating a successful onboarding process, it is important to keep in mind that what you put into the process is what you’ll get out of it.” The same is true with a new client. All the new business pitch promises in the world won’t mean anything if they don’t truly believe you’re being honest, working hard and that you care.

Luckily, the people at re:group did their best to make that transition for me as smooth as possible. For all of us in agencies, we should do the same for our clients. We should work quickly to earn their trust and confidence. That way everyone can just get to the “doing-great-work” part and forget about the “which-key-is-for-the-bathroom-again?” part.

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