Creating the Best Experience for Your Customers

Photo of Jim KnightA few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the American Bankers Association Marketing and Retail Conference in Orlando. About 500 bank marketers gathered to discuss bank growth, marketing strategy and customer service. One of the speakers, Jim Knight, former Senior Director of Training and Development at Hard Rock International, really knocked my socks off.

Knight spoke on the top ways to create the best experience for your customers—something I know that we as an agency do. But what does this mean for your business?

Nowadays, businesses must have a consultative and integrated approach. One way to be integrated is to have the same mindset when it comes to both your employees and your clients. Everyone from the CEO down to the intern must know what your company stands for. And I’m not just talking about the services you offer. There’s something to be said for every individual within an organization living the same mission, vision and values.

Secondly, you must work together as a team instead of having individual agendas. For example, here at re:group, we encourage communication between all of our teams. On any given day, the Media team is talking to the Creative team, who’s talking to the Social team, who has been working with the Digital team on a client campaign. It is only through teamwork that the benefit of the team is truly realized.

Knight also said that a company must be a customer-obsessed. As an agency, it is our job to manage a client 24/7. Personalized attention is another one. No client is the same and none should be treated as such. Because of our attentiveness and genuine care for our clients, we have been able to build memorable campaigns and personal relationships.

The end goal for your service is, of course, to leave them wanting more. If your team brings their A-game to the table every time, there is no room for a poor customer experience. Those are definitely words to live by.

Photo Credit for Customer Service Checklist: Photobucket’s KenKindtSignworld

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