In Online Marketing, Creativity Matters

There’s a wonderful quote from Howard Gossage, a marketing innovator and very interesting person. He said, “People look at what interests them, and sometimes, it’s your ad.”

I believe that this is ultimately and emphatically true, no matter what work you do. With the exponential proliferation of online marketing, you have to work hard to get that interest Gossage talked about.

Photo of a "Create" sign by Flickr's gfpeck

In a study done by Microsoft, they measured the “dwell” of different campaigns, or the amount of time people spent with a given piece of creative for a product or service. Basically, the higher the “dwell,” the higher the engagement and the more likelihood of purchase. Some of the findings were intuitive; video strips got higher dwell, for instance. And good placement is, of course, a very, very important factor. But the conclusion they ultimately came to was, well, better, richer creative gets more engagement, and drives more results.

Creative matters.

But what do we mean by creative? It means creating interest. Take a look at this article by Digital Synopsis that pinpoints 50 creative online banners. If you’re like me, you’ll click on products that normally wouldn’t interest you, but because the work is cool or disturbing or intriguing, you want to see more. That’s what creativity is about: extending an invitation and having it accepted. And ultimately, that’s what matters.

Photo Credit: Flickr’s gfpeck

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