re:group: An Intern’s Perspective


Each summer, re:group looks for talented college students to participate in our internship program. We post opportunities, review applicants and even reach out to our clients in search of talented students. Caleigh Bond came to us three years ago through her father Taylor Bond, who happens to be the owner of Children’s Orchard, one of our previous clients. For the first two years, Caleigh worked directly with me, learning the ropes of the business world and agency life. This summer, she even helped in several other departments. Since she is very creative, I thought exposing her to other areas of the agency would help her decide if the agency world was right for her. You’ll have to ask her!

Caleigh has been a great asset to our team, and is always willing to work hard. I wish her the best of luck at the University of Michigan this fall for her junior year! Who knows…maybe we’ll see her back next year. ;)

An Intern’s Perspective

This post was written by re:group intern, Caleigh Bond, regarding her internship at re:group

When I sat down at the glass table for my interview with Ashley and Liz about two and a half years ago, I was a soon-to-be high school graduate who had never worked for anybody but my parents. I knew I was interested in marketing, but I had no idea what to expect or if I was even qualified for the job ahead of me. The ladies were excited to meet me and made me feel comfortable, asking me questions about graduation, my summer plans and starting at U of M in the fall. After chatting for a little while, I left feeling excited to start my first internship.

Once summer started, I began working at re:group about 9 hours a week. I was given my own desk, phone and a parking spot. From the perspective of an 18-year-old, I really felt like I was moving up in the world. From the get-go, I never felt like my work was menial or a waste of time (to this day, I’ve never been asked to make a pot of coffee). Yes, at times it was tedious, but Ashley was always (and still is) extremely appreciative of anything I was able to help her with.

Photo of re:group intern Caleigh Bond and Senior Account Supervisor, Ashley EdwardsAs I learned more about the industry and how the office ran, I was given more responsibility. The work was more challenging, but I never felt too overwhelmed because everyone was always willing to answer my questions. I was included in client meetings and phone calls, invited to radio recordings, and TV and photo shoots. I learned more about advertising by participating in each step of the process than I ever would have studying it in a classroom.

By the end of the summer, I knew I wanted to come back the next year. And the next. And as my third summer comes to a close, I can confidently say that this has been my most productive and fulfilling term at re:group thus far. Not only do I continue to work with Ashley, but I have also helped with social media, creative, business development, digital and media. My goal at the beginning of the summer was to learn more about the different departments, and I like to think I accomplished that goal. I have participated in creative brainstorms and written creative briefs, helped manage the company Facebook and Twitter sites, worked with flowcharts, proofread proposals, created client presentations, attended focus groups, put together countless competitive audits and more.

What is most amazing to me is how much re:group has grown since I started. When I first arrived at the office, I had about 15 coworkers and I really only knew the few people I worked with directly. Now, just two years later, I work with 26 unique individuals and I’ve gotten to know everyone in some way or another (thanks, Happy Committee). I don’t mind that every summer my desk has been relocated to make room for another new talented team member because I know he or she will benefit the agency. Several of the new re:groupers are no more than a few years older than myself, and it is encouraging to see young faces around the office because—before I know it—I will be on the hunt for a full-time job.

Working at re:group has given me the opportunity to learn about advertising from a real-world perspective. Although I don’t know exactly what I want to do in life, I have been able to examine what I like and what I don’t like about the industry. I work with a unique group of people who know how to have fun at work, but also when to be serious and meet deadlines. I always feel like my time and presence is appreciated, and returning next year for my fourth summer is certainly an option that I will consider.