Come on, Get the Happy (Committee)

How often do you think companies prioritize the happiness of their employees? From what I’ve seen, it’s often sidestepped…or maybe not even thought of at all. In this industry, it’s easy to understand why: advertising can be fast-paced and chock full of deadlines. Having a bit of fun on the job can easily become an afterthought.

But if it’s all work and no play, that can affect morale. Believe it or not, low morale isn’t just a sad story. According to Deborah Dorsett of the Personalysis Corporation, there are long-term costs that translate into dollars lost: decreased productivity, vacant positions and a lack of efficiency and motivation.

regroup-comfort-foods-potluckLuckily, none of this is the case at re:group. Of course, client service is always our top priority. But we realize that, in order to provide our clients with the best possible work, our employees have to be at the top of their game. This means we take extra measures to keep everyone feeling good about their job, their colleagues and their work.

That’s why management suggested we institute what we like to call The Happy Committee. Made up of myself, Taylor, Dan, Caleigh, Julie and Maddie, it’s our job to come up with fun and rewarding events for the staff to take part in. It doesn’t hurt that these group activities are good teamwork exercises! Such events have included:

These are just a few of many events planned to make sure that everyone is running around with a smile on their face.

Happy employees are more productive, miss fewer days, are far less irritable, and of course are less likely to be burnt out over the long run. Boosted morale leads to higher levels of motivation and energy among the staff.

At re:group, we take the happiness of our employees seriously to make sure that our spirits and the quality of our work remain high.

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