The Super Bowl Ad Spend: Is It Worth It?

Photo of football, courtesy of Flickr's Vox EfxThere are three reasons to watch the Super Bowl: the game, the halftime show for potential wardrobe malfunctions and the commercials. At an average of 3.5 million dollars a spot, Super Bowl advertisers are the hottest topic before, during and after the big game. Whether on a local or national level, one single spot can take a big chunk out of your advertising budget. How do you rationalize spending such a large sum in one shot and generate more than just talk?

Some may argue quantity over quality.

If you’re getting the same amount of coverage in your demographic with multiple spots as you would with one spot in the Super Bowl, what’s the difference? The difference is the type of viewer you reach in your demo. There are people in your demo who may never watch the programming you purchase annually. This is the largest television audience of the entire year, reaching both the frequent and infrequent viewer. Think of it like people who only go to church on Christmas and Easter.

Build new creative for Super Bowl ads.

Bear in mind, strategy alone won’t save you if your creative is exhausted.  Our client, HealthPlus of Michigan, knows firsthand that viewership of this magnitude is an excellent time to launch a new campaign. After building new creative around the Super Bowl in 2012, HealthPlus saw an increase of 174% in their quote requests, and an 88% increase in their online applications from the previous year. The increased awareness directly following the game more than justified the cost of the production and the on-air spot.

Whether anticipating a scandal, entertaining ads or the actual game, the Super Bowl has the power to draw viewers and capture their attention. With the right combination of spot placement and creative, advertising in a high profile event can gain the recognition you may never receive from an typical schedule.

Photo Credit: Flickr’s Vox Efx

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