Pitching Creative

The thing about presenting creative is, well, you need to be creative. It’s hard to come up with strategic, fresh, relevant ideas that sell products. What’s even harder is finding a way to engage your client audience in the same way you want their consumer audience to be engaged. That takes a bit of theater, a lot of confidence and a good product to present. The idea is king, but how you present it is sometimes more important.

We seem to do best when we have something we call a WOW moment. When we have time (and that’s a rare commodity) we try to create something that can evoke the feeling and response that we hope the produced work will also have in the end. One way is with a video that gets at the essence of the idea. It shouldn’t be complicated, expensive or long – never more than a couple of minutes – but it should be moving. It’s not a commercial, it’s a mood piece.

Rhonda pitching “Mad Men” creative

Another, simpler way to communicate the feeling of an idea is with concept boards. Say you’re presenting an idea to a health care company that needs to reach “young invincibles” and you want to show how what you’ve done relates to their psyche. Show fashions, web sites, products, famous faces, even color swatches that relate to that audience and then show how your work taps into those emotions. Show how the idea works in social media, mobile apps, viral video and all the other ways this audience engages with brands.

Most importantly, you have to seem creative to sell creative. Be enthusiastic about the work, don’t read from a slide, don’t appear stiff or rehearsed, and most of all, be flexible enough to react to the mood of the room and change it if necessary. Remember, in most cases, these people want to like what you’re showing. Don’t give them a reason not to.

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