Clients: Why Do You Hire an Agency?

Do you want to hire an agency to be a real, strategic and creative partner in building your business? Or do you want an agency that just does what you tell them to? Do you hire an agency to look for insights and to create messaging that’s relevant and engaging to your target? Or do you want to give them direction that is rooted in your own personal preferences? Are you willing to admit that you’re not a designer or copywriter, and trust your agency to give you work that appeals to your customers, both rationally and emotionally? Often, the specific words and visuals selected by your agency are strategic; they give the design that extra little sparkle and originality.

Photo of an ad agency from thisaintnodisco on Flickr

Part of working with an agency is learning to let go a little — to trust them to have your best interests in mind. Trust us: you will always come first; we will prioritize a message and design that beautifully communicates your brand. Because while it’s absolutely necessary that you express your desires and opinions about your communications, it’s also absolutely necessary to remember that you are not your audience. An agency’s job is to understand your audience and provide you with things that appeal to them, objectively, strategically and creatively. And unless you are really willing to accept that, you shouldn’t hire an agency.

Photo Credit: Flickr’s This Ain’t No Disco

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