Doctor! Doctor!

Medicine is moving further into the retail sector every day.
While consumers will  always be important for health systems, it’s the doctors who are the number one target for systems under healthcare reform.

  • Physicians influence or control 70% of hospital admissions. Yet few hospital marketing budgets spend adequately to market to them.
  • 60% of physicians refer to more than one hospital. They refer to doctors they know, not a system. It is important that hospitals encourage their physicians to get to know one another and their capabilities.

This means that hospitals and systems need to encourage engagement in person or online.

Travel specialty physicians to other hospitals in the system to speak on various topics with a Q& A following.  Host dinners with new doctors and invite some of the more senior doctors so they can meet one another. Put doctor profiles on a physician portal site. Put referral forms online on physician portals. In other words, make it easier –  even more profitable – for physicians to confidently refer within a system.

  • Consumers and physicians view a regional hospital health system as offering more advantages. Consumers perceive there are more resources – better physicians, staff and technology.
  • Physicians viewed regional health systems/networks as very important for providing patient resources.

Individual hospitals within the system can benefit from the umbrella of their health system.. You just must make sure leadership claims are promoted even if not all hospitals have the same strengths. Lead with strongest offers, and this will have a positive impact on the entire system. Showcase the best and brightest, talk about technical innovation, and give both physicians and consumer to come to you.

Medicine is moving further into the retail sector every day. Make sure your hospital, practice or system is ready for that.

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