A Slice of Digital Media – It’s Not About the Clicks

To kick start our week, the gang all gets together in the meeting room where we discuss what’s in the pipeline, and the latest happenings and news in digital media. This is usually done over a slice of pizza, which can make our meetings even more entertaining.

We thought we’d start sharing a “slice” of what we’ve been learning with you. That way we can all learn from the digital pizza pie.

Today our Director of Digital Media, Matt Zumstein, discussed dashboards, pay per click campaigns, and the some of the fallacies of what “clicks” truly represent. The buzz on the web is that clicks are dead. That measuring clicks alone is not an accurate way to determine a successful campaign. Tracking visitors through what they click doesn’t truly show how they are responding to your content.

Matt shared with us a video from the iMedia summit of Will Chapman, Director of Media Development with AudienceScience. In his interview he breaks down the need for online buyers to increase their spending, despite the fact consumers may not click on your add. His insights support Matt’s claim that clicks aren’t the whole picture.

Check out his interview. There are some solid takeaways. You can also read the full article here.