Welcome to Jan’s Corner

Welcome to Jan’s Corner. Figuratively, Jan’s Corner is my take on issues and events that cross my path. Literally, it is about people, places and events that take place in the world that is defined by the intersection of Ashley and Liberty in Ann Arbor, Michigan. OK, I may stray a bit farther than that, perhaps up to Main Street or down to 2nd or maybe even outside of Ann Arbor all together, but for starters, I thought I would focus on our corner of world.

It’s funny how you define your world. It can be the universe, or just a small place with a universe of experiences happening within it. The intersection of Ashley and Liberty is such a place. For me, it is work and work-out, breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks and entertainment, friends and strangers. It is past, present and future. It is young and old, radical and conservative, the homeless and the very wealthy. It is effectively a cross-section of Ann Arbor at the intersection of two streets and four blocks.

The Fleetwood Diner anchors the southwest corner. It has been an Ann Arbor fixture at least as long as I have. Mark Hodesh, who now runs Downtown Home and Garden was the original owner. Open 24 hours a day, it has great greasy breakfast and the best Greek chicken salad in town. And coffee strong enough to stand a spoon in accompanied by the constant banter of Aviva and the regulars. (I always make sure to tip her well to keep on her good side.) Sometimes I wonder if the pierced and dyed crowd can recognize an old hippie in business attire.