Blue Light Special

Blue Light SpecialAl Nalli’s building butts up against our parking lot. Every night the blue lights shine and the blues blast from the windows facing our building. It drives some of our people (who work late for the peace and quiet) nuts. I love it. Particularly when it’s got a good blues beat. Although I must admit, the guy perfecting his single snare drum hit for hours on end did get a little tiring, probably for him too.

RockBandSchoolAl and his family have been in the music business for years. He has reportedly managed and produced for a number of notable acts big and small including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx and Kid Rock. His father’s Ann Arbor music store was once a competitor with Tom’s Strings and Things, in Birmingham.

TattooParlorI think Al has at least temporarily given up on his plan to sell his property to an out of town developer, probably as a result of increased vacancy and decreased demand for commercial real estate. He has finally fixed the falling concrete and re-rented the space. The building has kept its music roots with a Rock Band School and recording studio in the basement. It kind of goes with the tattoo parlor on the first floor.